Who will win the next Burghley Horse Trials in 2016?

This is perhaps one of Britain’s most important and illustrious eventing events. This year, Olympic champion Michael Jung of Germany won the title, ahead of New Zealand’s Tim Price. He is the first German to win the event, and has made history as the only rider to have Olympic, world and European titles simultaneously. His performance was indeed very impressive, leaving Briton and six-time Burghley winner William Fox-Pitt in 10th position, riding Fernhill Pimms and having shared the lead with Jung on 4th September, only to lose it on 5th. Indeed, by the end of the event, Jung and Fox-Pitt were separated by Price, Christopher Burton, Jonelle Price, Mark Todd, Cedric Lyard, Tina Cook and Sam Griffiths.

The next edition in 2016 is already looking to be another great chapter in British equitation history. On 31st August, and although the actual competition doesn’t start until 1st September, the trot-up will take place, and all horses will get a check up to ensure they are in good shape for the trials ahead. The following day, the first day of a two day dressage marathon will begin, which although difficult, is not what makes Burghley an event to behold. The last two day of the competition are when things start to shake up a bit, and the leader boards begin to change at a fast pace. Yes, it’s time for the cross country gallop, the stuff legends are made of. The competition will end with show jumping, the following day, once the horses have undergone another check-up, after the trials of the previous day’s gallop, which can be quite trying.

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Burghley Park, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2LHm United Kingdom

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