Horse of the Year Show (NEC) 2016

Get ready for the next edition of HOYS!

This splendid event is the designed to be a culmination of Britain’s annual horse events. For the last edition, it definitely met that standard, attracting some of the country’s most talented show jumpers, and riders from around the world. Few riders get to experience the thrill of riding in such a suitably large arena, with a great crowd cheering them on.

Boasting approximately 250 trade stands selling everything a rider, whether amateur or professional, could possibly need. There were also art stands, gourmet foods, treats, and much more! The arena also boasts an interactive area, where visitors can learn more the featured horses and ponies. If you have bought a lot of goods, the very useful Bag Drop will house your loot for you until you go home, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Indeed, the Horse of the Year Show boasts one event after another, in rapid succession! So the last thing you want is to have to account for traffic jams, lengthy car journeys back and forth, checking in and out of hotels, and, generally, wasting a whole lot of time you could be spending on more important things.

Here at Itchy Feet, we understand that if you’re managing one of the many trade stands or taking part in running the actual event, or even taking part in the event as a contestant, it can be a busy time and you don’t always have time to focus on things like getting food and taking breaks. Chances are, you will want somewhere nice and comfortable to lie down after such a day, somewhere preferably not too far away. Especially if youre going to be getting up a few hours later to start all over again. Well, we might just have exactly what you may need. Indeed, our American Motorhomes and RVs are also quite splendid, with ample relaxation spaces, comfortable beds, delightful washing and cooking areas, and ample storage space. We’ve also teamed up with horsebox manufacturer and supplier Annard, so if you need transportation for your steed, you know who to call!

They are, in fact, ideal if you are organising or taking part in the event itself, or if you are visiting with a large party. We have a very long history of catering to great events like this, up and down the country, and would be delighted to make these few day as easy-going as possible for you. That’s why we suggest you contact us as early as possible, so that we may do our utmost to ensure you are relaxed and focused on what you need to do, leaving the pesky details pertaining to accommodation to our professional team. We’re here to set everything up for you, and take it all down again once you’re done! Easy as pie! All you have to do is show up, and we’ll do the rest.


Pendigo Lake, Birmingham, West Midlands B40 1NT, United Kingdom

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